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Dances We Teach

Dancing is a universal language shared by every culture. However, each culture has both literally and figuratively put their own spin on the art form. These diverse origins have produced countless dance styles to choose from, making it easier than ever to find a dance that is perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for a slower dance that is precise and formal or a faster dance that is wild and spontaneous, LUX Dance Studio will guide you every step of the way as you master the dance floor. A few of the varied dances taught by our instructors include…

Rhythm & Latin


Rumba is an incredible first dance to learn for those interested in Latin dance styles. The style combines passion and precision to create a dance that is as seductive as it is technical.

Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is a lively and fun Cuban dance that can help even the most nervous dancer release their inhibitions. Partners bend their knees so that their hips swing to the music as their feet connect to the beat.

East Coast Swing

A fast form of swing dancing, East Coast Swing often accompanies quicker music like Rock and Roll. Partners follow each other’s leads as they take swift steps and rock back and forth in unison.


An energetic, hip-shaking dance popularized by Cab Calloway, the Jive is fast and free-spirted and shares many similarities with the Jitterbug and the East Coast Swing.


Samba is a set of traditional Brazilian dances with origins in Africa and Latin America. The dances are known for their fast pace, syncopated beats, and improvisational flairs.


Bolero is perfect for those who are looking for a slow but powerful dance style. The style is relaxed and romantic and is perfect for couples who are first learning to dance.


Mambo is an intense and dynamic dance that originates from Havana, Cuba. Both partners move back and forth to a spirited rhythm. The style is passionate and encourages the dancer to truly feel the music as they step.


A breezy and tireless dance that was inspired by the jazz era, Swing is an American classic that was born in Harlem and quickly became a nationwide craze.

Smooth & Standard


The waltz is the quintessential ballroom dance. With both partners taking a step on each beat as they revolve around each other to match a quick rhythm, the waltz remains as timeless as it is famous.


The Tango is a broad term for a dance style that originated on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Each version is unique, and the variety available in the closeness of the embrace and the length of each step allows a dance tailored to the dancers.

Fox Trot

Elegant and traditional, the Foxtrot is a beloved ballroom dance known for its long and graceful movements as both partners slowly move around the dance floor.


Intentionally blurring the line between formal and informal dancing, the Quickstep revels in the unexpected, with a fast and syncopated rhythm that encourages the dancer to be animated while polished.

Viennese Waltz

As the earliest form of the waltz, as well as the first ballroom dance in a closed position, the Viennese Waltz is an enduring dance featuring quick spins and charging side steps.

Social Misc


A flashy dance that was popularized in the 1970s, the Hustle is the epitome of the disco era. Partners frequently switch positions in a linear fashion with an emphasis on the dancer being as showy as they are skilled.


Salsa is a popular Caribbean dance style that incorporates a diverse fusion of several different regional styles into a fast and vivid dance that is as varied as it is seductive.


Merengue is a popular dance known for its simplicity and intimacy, and it is a perfect dance for couples. Both partners dance in a closed position and use the Cuban Motion to move their hips to the rhythm.

West Coast Swing

Inspired by jazz music, West Coast Swing shares jazz’s affinity for improvisation. Partners lead each other and use each other’s momentum to create a powerful and enlivened display anchored on creativity.


Combining a freewheeling energy with a close intimacy, Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic and features two partners as they swing their hips while remaining in a close embrace.

Lindy Hop

The Lindy hop is a fusion of several dancing styles including jazz and Charleston dancing. It began in Harlem, New York and the dance is famous for its joyful mood and improvisational style.

Argentine Tango

A passionate and intimate dance originating from Buenos Aires, the Argentine Tango balances a disciplined harmony between two dancers with an unreserved improvisation from the leader.

Country Western

Two Step

A deceptively simple dance that allows for diverse and significant improvisation, the Two Step oscillates between fast and slow steps and is a beloved favorite of country-western dancing.

East Coast Swing

The East Coast Swing brings a fresh perspective to the country-western heritage as it combines an energetic bounce with a slower and more deliberate style that is easy to master and make your own.

West Coast Swing

Adapted to the country-western tradition, the West Coast Swing is an improvisational dance that combines a contemporary fast-paced energy with a traditional ballroom sensibility.

Night Club Two-Step

A mid-tempo disco dance, the Nightclub Two-Step is popular for being slower and more relaxed than most social dances, allowing it to easily be paired with many songs while still staying lively.

Cha Cha

A popular and dynamic Latin style that has been adapted to a variety of dances, the Cha Cha brings a hip-shaking and tireless step to the country-western form.

Triple Two Step

A smooth and breezy dance, the Triple Two Step combines short and fast steps with long, sweeping steps as both partners move gracefully around the ei in an open and theatrical performance.


A traditional and dazzling display, the waltz has been adapted to nearly every style of dancing. Both partners hold each other closely as they sway and spin gracefully around the dance floor.


A playful and lively dance of Czech origin, the Polka is designed to be fun and social. Both partners move at a fast speed and frequently bounce along the dance floor as they keep pace with the beat.

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